Class Safety

Having a good safety record does not just happen.  It must be planned for and all students and staff must make it a top priority.  Students will not be permitted to continue in the program if they cannot or will not follow the safety rules .  Much time will be spent on safety in the early part of the class, as well as all during the year.  Students should decide now that they will be a part of a safe work site.  They should do it for themselves as well as for the others in the class.

Safety Contract WORD PDF
Eye Protection Policy   PDF
Eye Safety Code   PDF
Eye Safety Agreement   PDF
What do you Know About Safety WORD PDF
Bloodborne Pathogens   PDF
General Tool Safety WORD PDF
Back Safety   PDF
It's Just Air!   PDF
Hearing Safety   PDF
Ear Code   PDF
Ladder Safety   PDF
Scaffold Safety   PDF
Basic 8 Safety Rules   PDF
Hammer Safety WORD PDF
Hand Tool Safety   PDF
Power Tool Safety   PDF