About the Class

The Cedar Rapids Community Schools' Building Trades Class is a year long course for juniors and seniors from any Cedar Rapids High School. Included schools are: Jefferson, Kennedy, Metro, Washington, and Xavier high schools. There are two classes that meet each school day for a double period. The morning class meets the first two periods of the day and the afternoon class meets for the last two periods. Students receive 2 credit hours per semester.

Building Trades Class Objectives

  • To improve in each student the ability to recognize and appreciate correct design and quality craftsmanship in the various facets of residential construction.
  • To develop habits of self reliance, self discipline, and resourcefulness through dealing with practical problem solving situations, thereby establishing a positive self-image as a successful person.
  • To provide interested students the opportunity to explore the various construction trades through actual hands-on experiences, and thereby develop a desire for further guidance and/or training in a field which is compatible with a given students interests and aptitudes.
  • To establish through class experiences, a skill and knowledge level sufficient for entry level into the various apprentice programs.
  • To enable the student, through the total class experience, to better make a decision on a practical basis, as to whether or not this is the type of work at which they would be happy and successful.