School Closure Extended by Governor Reynolds

On Thursday, April 2nd, Governor Reynolds ordered an extension to the school closures through April 30th. This means our CRCSD buildings and schools will...

About the Class

The Cedar Rapids Community Schools' Building Trades Class is a year long course for juniors and seniors from any Cedar Rapids High School. Included schools are: Jefferson, Kennedy, Metro, Washington, and Xavier high schools. There are two classes that meet each school day for a double period. The morning class meets the first two periods of the day and the afternoon class meets for the last two periods. Students receive 2 credit hours per semester.

Building Trades Class Objectives

  • To improve in each student the ability to recognize and appreciate correct design and quality craftsmanship in the various facets of residential construction.
  • To develop habits of self reliance, self discipline, and resourcefulness through dealing with practical problem solving situations, thereby establishing a positive self-image as a successful person.
  • To provide interested students the opportunity to explore the various construction trades through actual hands-on experiences, and thereby develop a desire for further guidance and/or training in a field which is compatible with a given students interests and aptitudes.
  • To establish through class experiences, a skill and knowledge level sufficient for entry level into the various apprentice programs.
  • To enable the student, through the total class experience, to better make a decision on a practical basis, as to whether or not this is the type of work at which they would be happy and successful.